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Thuren Fabrication 2014+ Ram 2500 KING 2.0 IFP EXTREME

TF-14U2500-K20EX $3,140.00
$50.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    Our complete front and rear KING 2.0 IFP Extreme kit will lift and level the truck properly, while providing a much more controlled ride. Street ride and small bump/choppy ground ride quality is also improved quite a bit over our Overland shocks. 

            The KING 2.0 IFP Extreme kit adds many of the parts used in our higher end systems, which aid in handling, control, and comfort when driving harder off-road. The KING 2.0 IFP Extreme System will let you drive a bit faster on rougher terrain compared to the standard System, and will be more balanced and locked in on rough highways, with the awesome rear trackbar system and our KING steering damper.

             Our KING 2.0 IFP shocks are designed to be as smooth as possible on rough highways, small to medium square-edge bumps, high speed gravel washboard roads, and slower crawling type driving.

             These shocks are still smaller 2.0" diameter with no reservoir to help control heat, so fast higher speed, longer duration bigger bump driving like hot summer desert trips, can easily overheat these shocks. Cooked shock oil is easy to assess and will void warranty if overheated.

    With the Diesel engine, this system lifts the front right at 2.75", and lifts the rear about 1.0"

    With the Hemi Gas engine, this system lifts the front right at 3.00", and lifts the rear about 1.25"

    The included rear coils springs are quite a bit softer than stock. The ride quality and suspension travel benefit also comes with the drawback of more sag when weight is in the bed, or vertical on the hitch. The rear suspension with our coils will sag with weight similar to a 1/2 ton truck.

    Wheel travel is increased about 20% in the front, and 30% in the rear. Massive improvement in off-road control.

    Kit includes:

    • Thuren / King 2.0" IFP shock set front and rear.
    • Thuren front soft-rate coil spring pair. 
    • Thuren Heavy duty Track Bar.
    • Thuren rear soft-rate coil spring pair.
    • Thuren rear HD sway bar link pair.
    • Thuren Stainless steel emergency brake frame bracket.
    • Thuren / KING steering damper
    • Thuren Boogie Bumps front bolt on
    • Thuren Boogie Bumps rear bolt on
    • Thuren Rear Trackbar and bracket handling upgrade kit
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