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The rear track bar equipped 2014+ 2500 Ram and Power Wagon has some strange handling quirks at higher speeds, mostly noticed on longer rolling bumps and dips in the road. Our rear track bar kit vitrually eliminates that wiggle, and transforms the truck into a very precise handling vehicle. Most gains will be felt on trucks with our softer rear coils. Compared to the OEM configuration our kit relaxes the arc the rear axle travels, reduces bushing deflection, and eliminates un-even torsional spring rate provided by the OEM track bar bushings. These improvements work together to reduce rear steer at higher speeds, fine tune the roll center, and reduce spring rate inconsistencies when the suspension cycles. While not a mandatory part needed for our suspension, most people find the upgrade VERY worth the money.

  • This fits the 2014+ 2500 Ram and the 2014+ Ram Power Wagon.
  • Trackbar length is extended 6.5" and lifted off the axle, to improve the geometry.
  • Retains full suspension compression travel so no bump drops required.
  • Hardened 4140 Chromoly solid bar.
  • Uses our same ultra high-end greaseable rebuildable joints as our control arms.
  • 17-4 Hardened stainless center pivots.
  • All grade 8 hardware.
  • 1/4" Steel CNC laser cut and formed heavy duty adapter bracket
  • Only one new hole to drill and 2 existing holes to open up slightly on the 2500. 2 new holes to drill on the Power Wagon.
  • This product will function great on other brand suspension from 0"-2.5" actual rear lift.
 Check out a video where we install this rear track bar!