Thuren Fabrication 2013+ Front Trackbar

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Upgraded again for 2016, our proven Extreme duty trackbar will remain the same price! We've fine tuned a few processes, and started using special PTMEG polyurethane for our frame side bushings. Our trackbar is better than ever, and we think you will feel the same way!

With the release of the new platform, we've concluded that the OEM 2013+ trackbar can go about 20,000 miles, and function just fine, with our suspension components. The OEM 2013+ Track Bar has been upgraded from the previous 2003-2013 design, and is not "mandatory" to replace right away like before. That said, if near 20,000 miles, you are getting close to needing our trackbar as an upgrade.

Our trackbar is designed to be VERY rigid. Often people will think that having a rigid bar will give steering rattle and feedback. Well, it's actually the opposite, in THIS case. Reason being, the trackbar is the only steering support. If the support(trackbar) deflects, the truck will be allowed to basically steer itself as you encounter bumps/ruts/holes/etc. A rigid trackbar is the only way to know that inputs you make at the steering wheel, actually GET TO the wheels.

- Fits 2013+ 3500, and 2014+ 2500 Dodge Rams, and 2014+ Power Wagons

- First place to start if your vehicle has ANY strange handling traits.

- Made from 1.50"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube

- CNC machined heim joint tube end.

- Bead blast textured, then highest quality Powdercoated. This Powdercoating does NOT chip.

- Specially molded 75D hard durometer, PTMEG fortified, Polyurethane frame bushing.

- Adjustable length

- Grease fitting for frame bushing.

- Extreme duty FK Teflon lined rod end at axle side.

- Repair parts available here.