Thuren Fabrication Tuned Fox 2.0 IFP Front Shock Package 13+ 3500/14+ 2500

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Fox 2.0 IFP shocks, using an Internal Floating Piston to separate the nitrogen and oil, resulting in better dampening abilities over an emulsion style shock. That said, these are the non-rebuildable/non-tuneable bottom of the line Fox shocks. Nothing really that special, but people like seeing the Fox name on them!

  • Sold as pair.
  • Fit the front of 2013+ 3500, 2014+ 2500 Ram trucks.
  • These work with OUR COILS ONLY. Damping curve and length is WAY off for stock coils, even with a leveling kit.
  • We do not, and probably will not, have rear options for these shocks, so plan for that. At this time these are for people only addressing the front suspension.


** Note from DirtyDiesels **

If you have a 14+ 2500 that either has rear air ride, or you would like to retain your factory rear coil springs for stock load carrying capacity, we recommend running the Fox 2.0 IFP rear shocks part number: 985-24-169  Which can be found HERE


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