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Suspension and Drivetrain

We specialize in selling and installing quality suspension setups for all heavy duty pickup trucks. The 2013-2018 Ram 2500/3500 platform is a great platform to upgrade. (2013+ 3500 / 2014+ 2500) Whether you are looking to simply level your truck without losing ride quality, or you are looking to go all out on an off-road ready setup, we can help you out.

What we have found to work very well for MOST 2013-2018 Ram trucks is a simple combination of a few Thuren Fabrication parts. This is the ticket for you if you are looking to level your Ram, improve the ride quality, and not alter the factory towing/payload capabilities. The base for this setup is a set of the Thuren 2" leveling front coils, Thuren tuned Fox 2.0 Front shocks, and Fox 2.0 Rear shocks. We have found this to be an awesome, but budget friendly setup that will significantly improve the looks and ride quality of your Ram. From here, you have the option to add a few additional parts.

1. Front adjustable track bar - Thuren recommends the track bar be replaced if the stock unit has over 20k miles on it, as this is when they tend to wear out. This will also bring your front axle back to center after changing the front ride height.

2. Thuren active rate front sway bar - This replacement front sway bar is a softer rate than the factory unit, helping to smooth out off camber bumps, and letting the axle move more freely. This makes a HUGE difference in everyday ride quality. You will notice a difference right away. Even turning into a driveway, you will notice the truck not bounce side to side as violently as it does with the stock sway bar.

3. Rear Track bar (14+ 2500 only) - Whether you are keeping your factory rear coils, or are upgrading to the Thuren coils, we recommend the replacement rear track bar. This will greatly improve high speed handling over bumps, by correcting the poor geometry of the factory rear track bar.

Here is a 2018 Ram 2500 with Thuren 2" front springs, Fox 2.0 front and Rear shocks, and an active rate sway bar:


For those of you looking for more than just a simple front coil, and shock upgrade, then we get into the King 2.0 Kits. These kits will include both front and rear coils, and 4 King 2.0 shocks, providing a nice upgrade over the Fox 2.0 Units. These kits provide awesome on road and light off-road ride quality and handling characteristics. With these kits, you will see approximately 2.75" of front lift and 1/2-1" of rear lift (dependent on cab/bed config, and how truck is loaded)

Here is a 2017 Ram 2500 with a King 2.0 kit, fit with 18x9 Method NV wheels and 35x12.50r18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers


Please reach out to us @ 267-935-9755 for all of your Ram suspension questions. We will guide you into the best "kit" for your truck, and would also be glad to provide installation service at our full service shop in Reading, PA.


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